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Billing Account and Cycle
Each customer has one Web Panache billing account to which all products and services are applied. This account is reviewed and settled every 30 days based on your initial start date.  Products and services are pre-paid based on your selected billing cycle for each account. Services and charges will continue until cancelled.

NOTE: Hosting fees are based on the package you select. Your first bill includes the registration fee (if through us), the set-up fee and the full hosting cycle (e.g. three, six or twelve months).  If we are registering your domain through Network Solutions, you will be billed for the registration by them directly.  Recurring charges are processed according to your selected billing cycle for each account.

Non-recurring products (e.g. search engine registration) are applied to your billing account as they are completed and charged on your next invoice.

Consulting services (web design, custom promotion, application development) require a 50% deposit of the project estimate to begin work.  The remaining balance is due as requested or upon completion of the work and depends upon the project length and complexity.  All consulting fees and expected due dates are discussed with the customer in advance and agreed upon throughout the project's life cycle.

Invoices and Statements
Invoices for payment by check are sent via e-mail only unless otherwise arranged.  Amounts are due upon receipt.  Overdue payments may result in deactivation of service with or without warning. Credit card payments are automatically charged without prior notice. If you wish to make changes to your plan or payment cycle, you must do so before each renewal date. Credit card statements are generated and distributed via e-mail as charges are applied (quarterly, semi-annually or annually).  Once a new billinga charge has been applied, i

Payment Options
VISA or MasterCard (preferred)
NOTE:  If a payment is declined repeatedly due to a "bad card", additional service fees may be applied at the discretion of Web Panache Management.

Check in US dollars to WEB PANACHE and sent to:
Web Panache
50 South Steele St. #484
Denver, CO 80209

NOTE:  Please always write your customer number on your check to ensure proper credit to your account.

Bank transfer in U.S. dollars to:
Web Panache Company; Account number:1018181923
Denver, P.O. BOX 5247

NOTE:  An additional $6 service fee is added to all bank transfers. This fee is required by the bank to process the funds.

Updating Payment Information
Please use our secured form at to update credit card information or to change your payment method to credit card.   All other changes (e-mail address, phone number, etc) may be sent to Billing.

Service Cancellation
Cancellations must be received in writing. Regular mail, e-mail and fax notifications are acceptable. Phone requests will not constitute acceptance of any cancellation. This is for your protection.

In the event of a cancellation, payments already made for pre-paid accounts will not be reimbursed. Please select a cancellation date that coincides with your renewal date, but does not go beyond it. All fees incurred are still due. Web Panache reserves the right to take any legal action in retrieving the amount due.  Reasonable fees incurred to retrieve the amount due are charged at the customer's expense.

Transferring Domains to Another ISP
If you choose to transfer a domain name from Web Panache to another organization, all Web Panache fees for that domain must be settled prior to the transfer. We recommend that transfers be initiated just prior to the end of a current billing cycle. If there is a cycle overlap during the transfer approval process, we will extend a one month hosting offer to cover the interim.

Late Payments and Escalations
If payment is not received, your account will be deactivated and may incur additional late charges.  Accounts will remain inactive until the outstanding payment is received.  Accounts long over-due may ultimately be deleted with the balance due sent to a collections agency.

Prices are guaranteed for your billing period only and are subject to change at our discretion.

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